Franciscan Servants of the Poor
An Ecumenical Vowed Religious Community. non- Residential


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Over 700 years ago, Francesco Bernardone known to the world as St. Francis of Assisi set down a way of life which brought reform to the Church. His way of life called for a change in the way that men, and later women dedicated their life to the world. No longer did they withdraw to monasteries, but rather brought the Gospel into society. Today, the Franciscan Servants of the Poor-an ecumenical vowed religious society (founded in 1997) desire to continue the Franciscan mission of bringing renewal to the Church universal as non-canonical, ecumenical and inclusive community of men and women in Gospel service after the manner of Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi. The community has both vowed members and Associates. We welcome all Christian women and men regardless of race, denominational preference, gender or sexual orientation. Daily turning to God, we strive to live our lives in service to the poor, neglected and disenfranchised in our society and in the Church Universal. Recently, (2003) a mailing from the Franciscan Federation stated: "A social order that once promised its members security, stability, and continuity for their obedience, diligence and loyalty is now demanding increased self-reliance, creativity, risk and uncertainty. The new explosion of knowledge destroys traditional boundaries and thrusts us into a global world where we learn about economic, religious, cultural, gender and sexual differences first hand for the first time in human history...Religious communities that want to be institutionally relevant into the next century must learn to do so rapidly not only as individuals but, more importantly as groups." The Franciscan Servants of the Poor is based in this creativity, risk and uncertainty with increased self-reliance, to continue to bring the Good News to the world.